Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Door

Dear Pablo,

This door goes to The Outside. I would really like to go out there. My people all go out this door and then they wave to me from The Outside. I can see that there are pretty flowers and birds out there, too.
I can smell The Outside when I put my nose down at the bottom of the door. Sometimes, I have been able to sneak out there when no one was paying attention. Whenever a person is gathering their things to go out the door, I am very attentive. I wait patiently for an opportunity to run Outside before they can grab me. But most of the time Tracy or Denis notices me looking and one of them picks me up. Then I am out of luck! Once the door is shut again, they put me down but it is too late. I am going to ask Tracy to buy me a harness like Tara has so that we can go for walks. But she says that once I get a taste for The Outside, I want to sneak out even more. She may be right about that. Darn it!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Dear Pablo,

This week I have selected for my topic 13 good places to lounge in our house:
1. on the couch
2. on top of any human available at the moment.
3. on one of our nice extra wide windowsills (good view out the window)
4. on top of Tracy's pajamas which are on the bed.
5. under the covers of the bed.
6. in a box
7. on top of the computer desk
8. in the spot that Phoebe is at the moment (I can make her move)
9. in the bathtub
10. on top of the book that Tracy is reading (she is paying too much attention to it anyway)
11. on my back in the middle of the floor (maybe someone will rub my tummy)
12. on the floor near the couch (where I have the best angle for sending mental telepathy to the humans for them to pick up my lazer light toy and play with me)
13. next to Phoebe so that I can groom her.

I've been tagged by DaisyMae Maus

Dear Pablo,

Here is another game that I was tagged for. Five reasons why I blog:

1. To bring attention to my great friend Pablo.
2. To meet new friends from all over the world (hello new friends!)
3. To learn lots of new things ( like new toys, games, vishus deer, baseball, etc.)
4. To share my knowledge with others.
5. To show Pablo how pretty and smart I am (I think he likes me.)

Oh, now I have to tag some of my friends. I tag Pablo, Jeter Harris, Sherman, Sadie and Rocky.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Dear Pablo,

Tracy had a birthday last week. The bad thing was that she and Denis were gone for a long time in the evening. The good news is that we got some new boxes. This was the best one that we got and so we kept it. Denis and Tracy have a bad habit of throwing our good boxes away. This one is the perfect size for a nap.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Vishus Deer

Deer Pablo,

I have been reading about the problem with Vishus Deer that some of our new friends are having. It sounds very scary. I don't think that any of them live around our house, because we have not seen them come by here. But I found these pictures on our computer. Tracy says she saw these deer in a nearby town. This group here is obviously hunting for some cats to bother in this house.

But this one here doesn't look very vishus at all. It is just a little one and it likes the flowers. Do Vishus Deer like flowers? It doesn't seem possible.
But here is a big bird that Tracy also saw. It must be looking for Skeezix or Daisy, like those other two large birds that they saw. I think that everycat should be quite careful about Large Vishus Birds as well as the deer. They seem to be in cahoots together, from the looks of things.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pet Peeve #3

Dear Pablo,

So far Phoebe has done all the pet peeves, but I decided that it was my turn this time. This is our comb. Phoebe and I don't like it at all, but she doesn't have to endure it nearly as much as I do. Phoebe sometimes gets some fur knots especially under her armpits and on her rear-end and Tracy combs her for a little while. But for some reason, Tracy decides to comb me more often! She pulls out great loads of my furs and shows them to me and I am supposed to be happy about that? I don't get it. I groom myself plenty and I can take care of my own fur, thank you very much. Tracy says that if I swallow all that fur, then I will get more hairballs. What's wrong with that?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Observation platform

Dear Pablo,

This is my observation deck where I sit to do my research on the hygeine habits of humans. From here I can look clear around to the left where Tracy keeps some of her clothing on the floor and clear to the right where Denis does his morning preparations. But straight ahead is where the main research takes place - I can see directly into the bathroom sink area. I have been studying Tracy for about five years now and Denis for three, and I still haven't figured them out. Here are some observations I have made:
1. bathing takes place in an enclosed area of the bathroom where they stand under a torrent of water. This seems terribly unpleasant to me, but they seem to emerge quite pleased with themselves.
2. bathing takes place sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening. There doesn't seem to be a predictable pattern to it at all.
3. various instruments are used on their head fur - creams, lotions, sticks and a wand that makes a terrible loud whooshing noise. (Tracy uses all of these, but Denis just uses a simple stick)
4. they both use the deodorant sticks under their arms, but they use different kinds - seems kind of frivolous.
5. they insert strings and sticks into their mouths. This is done mostly at night before they go to bed, but sometimes during the day. I haven't figured that one out at all.
6. Tracy takes great care to put various creams and potions onto her face, but Denis doesn't bother with his face at all.

Has anyone else made any observations about humans? Or have some suggestions as to conclusions that we can reach?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Dear Pablo,

I have never done a Thursday Thirteen before. I figure that the most obvious choice of subject for my first one is you. So here are thirteen note-worthy things about Pablo:

1. He is a savvy businesscat. (CEO of Pablo Enterprises)
2. He is the captain of an active football team (the West Hobart Tigers)
3. He is a mentor to younger cats
4. He advocates for cat rights
5. He's an excellent hunter
6. He helps out his friends (he recently offered to beat up a cat that has been bothering club member Faz the Cat)
7. He is very handsome
8. He stays abreast of current events
9. He gives to the needy
10. He knows how to stretch a buck
11. He is very smart
12. He is very thoughtful (he sent me a valentine in February)
13. He has great taste in food

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A New Look

Dear Pablo,

Monica, Tracy and I are very excited about some changes we just made to the blog layout. Thanks to Skeezix and his Cat Blog Helpcenter, we figured out how to use blogroller to organize our links. Now we will know when fan club members have a new post to read on their blogs. We used the same thing on the link to your blog as well - and we moved your link up to a more prominent location after new member O'Jeter Harris asked us where to find more information about you. We realized there was a big problem if somecat couldn't find your blog easily. Blogroller was a little tricky to figure out, but we think it will definitely be worth the trouble.

BTW, welcome to new members Faz the Cat, O'Jeter Harris and Madness. You will find the fan club pledge in the sidebar for your handy reference. Anycat (or dog**, we are an equal opportunity organization.) who is a friend of Pablo's and a friend of ours is welcome to join. Just leave a comment about your interest, and we will add you to the member list.

**We understand that dogs will not be able to emulate some of the finer feline skills practiced by the fan club. Allowances will be made based on friendship with Pablo.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Dear Pablo,

Denis and Tracy were working outside today digging in the dirt. They let us onto our screened-in porch so that we could watch them and sniff the air. We would like to go dig in the dirt, too, but we are not allowed. I think it is because of Phoebe's propensity to wander away. A lot of our limits are due to Phoebe (in case you hadn't noticed), but she's a good kid. Well, I guess it is a good thing that we don't go outside, according to your new friend Diamond, it is a very dangerous place to go with diseases and big metal monsters. You are very brave, Pablo, that you go outside. I hope you are very careful. Here is what we saw out our window today:

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pet Peeve #2

Dear Pablo,

These are my anti-vomit pills. I don't like them at all. They taste very bitter, but Tracy makes me take one nearly every night. Monica doesn't have to take them, which doesn't seem very fair. I used to put up a fight, or pretend that I had swallowed it and then spit it out. But Tracy never gives up and I don't ever get away with it. So now I just swallow it and get it over with. She always gives me some pets and cuddles before and after, which almost makes up for it. And shortly after the pill-taking, she, Denis and I go to bed and cuddle a bit more before I go back out to the living room to spend the night with Monica.

Have you ever had to take any pills? I hope you don't!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007