Sunday, July 13, 2008

Check up

Dear Pablo and all my friends,

I know that you all remember how very sick that I was a few months ago and have wondered and asked about my health since. Well, the other day, Tracy called my V-E-T to get a refill of my medicine and the V-E-T lady wanted to see me again. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to get put into a prisoner box and taken to THAT place.

Monica tried to comfort me while I was waiting. But then Joey came along to pester me.

Anyway, we went in the moving machine and the people took my blood and the V-E-T lady poked me, squeezed me and listened to me. She told Tracy that when she got my blood results back she would call to let us know if I am actually better. None of us were sure what we would find out. I am feeling much better now, but you never know if my liver is really all better or not.

Well, much to everycat's relief, my bloodwork came back completely normal! All of the numbers were in the right places - the kidney ones and the liver ones. Even the sugar one was good in spite of me taking my steroid pills. I asked Tracy if that means I can stop taking my pills. She said, "no, I can NEVER stop taking my pills again." We still don't know why I got sick in the first place, but it seems to be related to my being off my steroid pills. Oh bother!

From Tracy: really it was so funny - Phoebe has gained so much weight back that the vet tech came in three times to be sure that it was Phoebe I had brought and not Monica. I think, and the vet agrees, that Phoebe's illness was a combination of some sort of physiological process like an infection and the stress of having Joey introduced into the house. In the absence of the steroid medication, something got out of hand for sure. And then when she stopped eating, the liver just went down hill. It is amazing now to remember how skinny she was and it wasn't that long ago... She's more playful now as well and Joey and her seem to have reached some sort of agreement. She secretly likes to play with him and will initiate it at times.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Tunnel Toy

This is my tunnel toy. My people got the great idea to buy me a tunnel from our friends Tara and Kavan, who have one just like this. Tracy said that she had to search and search to find one because our local pet-o-rama didn't carry them.
As you can see, it has a peaking-out hole half-way through. this is a very handy place for Denis to drop my toys in so that I can pounce on them. Pablo, do you have a tunnel toy? If you want, you can come to play with mine.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Have you seen this?

This is called a "Wordle". I made it from the RSS feed of our blog. I'm very surprised to find that we write more about Tracy than we do about Pablo on our blog. It just doesn't quite seem right. What will the Wordls of your blog look like? (click to biggify and go to the website where you can make your own.)

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Cozy Spot

The other day I snuck into our "guest room" (we never really have any guests) when the door was left open and I found a nice cozy spot. Can you see me?
Look a little closer...
Ahhhh. Nice and cozy. Tracy wanted to know how I got snuggled in here so nicely, but I'm not telling. Where do you like to snuggle?