Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sad times

Dear friends,

This is Phoebe telling you all some sad news. Monica has gone on to Rainbow Bridge. She was peacefully helped to go there on Friday morning after becoming really sick over just the last week.

We all noticed that Monica was not hanging out with us very much on Tuesday. She was spending more time than usual lounging on Tracy and Denis' bed instead of watching TV. Tracy suspected that something was wrong when Monica wouldn't even chase our lazer light toy, cause that is her favoritest toy of all. On Wednesday, Denis took her to the V.E.T. and they found she had lost 2 lbs in just a month. She was dehydrated, so they gave her some subQ fluids and drew some blood. That evening, we hoped that she would perk up like I did when I got fluids when I was sick. But she didn't really perk up. She was very tired and didn't eat much that evening.

Thursday morning, Denis got the report from the V.E.T. that Monica's kidney labs were very bad. In his experience, a kitty with labs as bad as hers do not respond to treatment very well, so it was not much of an option to try to do agressive treatment. Besides, Monica was never a very good patient, and Tracy thinks that she would not have been very happy to get pills and fluids, even more unhappy than I was when I was sick. So Thursday evening, we all spent some very nice quiet time together. Tracy and Denis helped Monica get a drink from the tub faucet like she liked as often as she wanted and we all slept in the big bed with them that night.

They took her to Rainbow Bridge at 8 AM on Friday, so that she wouldn't have to spend all day feeling badly, especially with Denis and Tracy at work and not home to help her.

Monica was a very good sister and kept our house in good order. Last night, Tracy and I read our whole entire blog and remembered all our happy times over the last two years. Today, I am staying near Tracy and purring for her extra hard to keep her company. Joey and I will have to sort out how the responsibilities that Monica carried will be divided between us two. We will do our best to keep things in order around here.

Good bye Monica.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Toys

We had a very exciting day here at the Pablo Fan Club headquarters. Tracy and Denis brought home some new toys. We took some video of us checking them out. Here is one.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Food Experiments

Hi Every cat! It's certainly been a long time since I posted anything on the Pablo Fan Club blog and I'm sorry for that. I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about an interesting experiment that we conducted recently.

You see, Tracy had been switching our foods willy-nilly and it was very confusing. Here you can see me and Phoebe looking at this new food and wondering why it was different.

Here are the two foods in question:

Science Diet for indoor cats is a big triangle food that we had been eating for a few weeks.

Then, one day all of a sudden, Tracy brought home this regular Science Diet food for adult cats. It is a small circle food that we had eaten in the past before they ever made the triangle food.

Well, we decided to do a very scientific food preference survey and decide for once and for all which food we would have at the Pablo Fan Club headquarters. Here are the two side-by-side, ready for voting.

Three out of three of Pablo Fan Club members surveyed preferred the triangle food. That's 100%! Talk about a landslide... Power to the cats! Tracy is complying with the Pablo Fan club decision and buying the triangle food ever since.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We've been absent again...

I haven't been able to blog for a while because Tracy and Denis left us again on another big trip. This time, instead of going to Grandma's house, a friend of ours came and stayed with us. She's been here before. She's great because she lets us sleep with her at night.

While Faye was here with us there was a very big storm and none of us liked that AT ALL. We hid under the bed and Faye protected us, but it was scary.

In other news, that new restaurant that Tracy and Denis built for us in our Outside territory is coming along well. Look at these tender juicy chickens. I wonder when we will get to eat them. What do you think, Pablo?

And finally, I want to introduce a new friend of ours who just got a new blog. Her name is Gracie Mae and her mom is selling some cat toys to donate money to a women's shelter. Gracie is a real cutie and very fluffy. They would love to have some visitors. Here is their blog.

I hope that you all are having a great summer (or winter if you are from the bottom of the world)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something very strange

Is going on around here! On Saturday, Phoebe went for a walk and brought back a report of this:

A strange large bird has apparently taken up residence in a small yellow house adjacent to our property. Phoebe said that this bird didn't have much to say for itself except "cluck cluck cluck". What kind of language is that? But stranger yet, Tracy came home from work today with a small box that was making noises. The box was saying "cheep cheep cheep". She took the box into the spare bathroom. She and Denis keep going in there and spending inordinate amounts of time. What is going on?

When they open the door, we just get a quick peek, but they won't let us go in to have a proper look.

Could this be a new game? or a change on the menu?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Dear Pablo,

I just did another Wordle of our blog feed and I am so happy to see that you are the biggest word in our wordle now! See?

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What's cookin'?

Hello everycat! I have an important announcement. I have decided what I want to do with my life. I am studying to be a chef. Chefs get to go on TV and do big competitions and win lots of money and have cooking shows and be very famous.

Hey! If he can do it, so can I!

Tonight, Denis and I are making top ramen noodle soup. You have to start somewhere, right? This is how you open up the package.

Next, we put a pot of water on to boil and add the noodles.

That's about all there is to it! This stuff is easy. I'm pretty sure that I'll be a chef before you know it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Enjoying the sunshine!

It's Spring around here and the sun is shining nicely in our windows. Sometimes, the windows are even open to let in the Outside air. Phoebe and I are just enjoying the sunshine together.

It puts me in such a good mood, I think I'll give Phoebe a little bath!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh bother/ oh brother!

Hi Pablo and all my friends! I've been wanting to post something very special for a while. You see, Tracy bought the Pablo Fan Club a video recorder and we shot some action movies of me patrolling the grounds. But unfortunately, we can't get the video software to work so that we can edit all into a special movie for you. (that's the oh, bother part of this post) Here is the camera. Isn't it cool looking?

So, in the meantime, I caught Joey in a silly position! Look at him sitting perched on the edge of this box. That doesn't look very comfortable, Joey! (Oh brother!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Present!

Dear Pablo and everycat!

Lookit this here present that I got for Christmas this year! It was wrapped up in pretty paper! There were some weird big things in it that Tracy will put on her feets to walk in the snow or something weird like that! But I got this! Denis cutted a hole in it and made it a fort for me! It was a fun place to hide! Do you like it?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christmas report - late again!

Well, I've finally given Tracy the stare down long enough that she's helped me to upload the photos from Christmas so that we can show the festivities to every cat. As you may remember, I had the same problem last year. Something about the new year sends Tracy into a blogging low spot. I don't know what's wrong with her!

Well, enough about that... Here is how our Christmas tree looked with the presents underneath it. Aren't they pretty?
While the festivities started, Phoebe and I lounged around and watched. What a mess they make with all the paper!

Things went on a bit long, so we took the opportunity to rest against each other for a little nap.

But after the present opening kept going on and on, I found a good perch to oversee everything.

Phoebe found a good box for lounging in.

So where was Joey in all this, you ask? That silly boy! He couldn't decide what he wanted to do. Sometimes he hid under the tree. Can you see him back there?

But most of the time, he would investigate in the paper wrappings for a while. Then he would get startled by the excessive noise that the people kept making and run out of the room. Probably hid under the bed. He's just not used to this Christmas stuff yet.

When things quieted down, he explored some more. He was funny peeking out of this piece of paper on the floor.

Well, that was our Christmas. We were all very tired after wards. It seemed like a good time for a nap. Tomorrow, watch for Joey to show you all what he got for Christmas this year.