Monday, October 13, 2008

Grandma's house

Dear Pablo and everycat,

Do you remember when I told you about this lady?

She is my grandma and she lives next door to our house. While Tracy and Denis were visiting Pablo in tomorrow, Phoebe, Monica and I got tooken over to her house for a vacation. I'm going to give you a tour of Grandma's house.

In these two pictures, you can see that Grandma has some good toys for us to play with. One is a furry animal on a string and the other is a birdy. This birdy doesn't fly like MY birdy does, but it does bounce up and down on it's string.

Here is Phoebe showing you the living room and the chairs that we have at Grandma's house to rest on. Grandma has lots of interesting stuff to look at in her living room. I especially like the pretty shiny crystal glass things that sit on the window sill. Grandma didn't like me investigating them, though.
This cat lives at Grandma's house, but she doesn't say a word. She just sits and stares at you all the time. It's kind of creepy.

Monica is showing you the best chair at Grandma's house. It's a great place to stretch out and have a nap.

And here Phoebe is showing you the bedroom with the bed where we all liked to sleep. This is where Grandma click, clicks on the computer and so we like to keep her company.
Grandma only has an old-fashioned litter box (not a robot one like at our house), but she keeps it nice and clean.
I hope you liked my tour.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

They're finally back!

I think that Tracy and Denis got lost in a time warp somewhere for a while, because they were gone for a VERY LONG time. But they finally made it back to today and came home with some very special presents from Pablo. But before we get to the gifts, let me show you what I found when I looked through Tracy's picture files:

Look, it's Pablo! Isn't he looking very handsome and stately in that stance?

And he gave a special smile for us.

Here are our gifts placed in an important spot in the house.

Tracy, Kate and Denis in Pablo's very presence! It was really such an honor for them.

Pablo said he didn't get to spend a lot of time with Tracy and Denis because he was busy with important business. Here he is hard at work on a photo shoot.

And Tracy said he conducted a lot of important business from this "office space" in the garden. An excellent location! See below for another post about our presents from Pablo.

Our gifts!

Well, onto the gifts that Pablo sent to us. Wasn't that thoughtful of him to do? Here they are directly out of the suitcases. Don't you think they look a bit banged up? Tracy should have taken better care of them on the trip.

There is also a card from Pablo with a great photo of him on the front. He's in serious stalking mode.

We were all very excited when Tracy presented them to us. Joey, that one's mine!

Phoebe read the card first, then I did. Joey still can't read that well...

Here is what it said - doesn't Pablo have excellent hand-writing? You can click to biggify and see if you can read it.

Next we all got our very own presents. Here is mine in a lovely feminine gift bag:

Phoebe's bag is nice too:
Joey was so excited, he wouldn't hold still.

Look! It's a koala.
Phoebe's is a possum. He looks cuter than our American possums.

And Joey got a kookaburra. I hear they are very jolly birds, but Pablo says he likes to eat them for breakfast!

Thank you, Pablo! We love our great gifts!