Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sad times

Dear friends,

This is Phoebe telling you all some sad news. Monica has gone on to Rainbow Bridge. She was peacefully helped to go there on Friday morning after becoming really sick over just the last week.

We all noticed that Monica was not hanging out with us very much on Tuesday. She was spending more time than usual lounging on Tracy and Denis' bed instead of watching TV. Tracy suspected that something was wrong when Monica wouldn't even chase our lazer light toy, cause that is her favoritest toy of all. On Wednesday, Denis took her to the V.E.T. and they found she had lost 2 lbs in just a month. She was dehydrated, so they gave her some subQ fluids and drew some blood. That evening, we hoped that she would perk up like I did when I got fluids when I was sick. But she didn't really perk up. She was very tired and didn't eat much that evening.

Thursday morning, Denis got the report from the V.E.T. that Monica's kidney labs were very bad. In his experience, a kitty with labs as bad as hers do not respond to treatment very well, so it was not much of an option to try to do agressive treatment. Besides, Monica was never a very good patient, and Tracy thinks that she would not have been very happy to get pills and fluids, even more unhappy than I was when I was sick. So Thursday evening, we all spent some very nice quiet time together. Tracy and Denis helped Monica get a drink from the tub faucet like she liked as often as she wanted and we all slept in the big bed with them that night.

They took her to Rainbow Bridge at 8 AM on Friday, so that she wouldn't have to spend all day feeling badly, especially with Denis and Tracy at work and not home to help her.

Monica was a very good sister and kept our house in good order. Last night, Tracy and I read our whole entire blog and remembered all our happy times over the last two years. Today, I am staying near Tracy and purring for her extra hard to keep her company. Joey and I will have to sort out how the responsibilities that Monica carried will be divided between us two. We will do our best to keep things in order around here.

Good bye Monica.