Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Dear Pablo and fan club members,

Phoebe and I have once again been prevented from blogging by the escapades of Tracy and Denis. They keep going out and leaving us for hours on end. They spend a LOT of time at That House (the one that smells like an unhygienic cat). Phoebe and I looked over the contracts quite thoroughly. We voiced our concerns about buying a house with another cat's scent in it, but they didn't listen to the voice of wisdom.
Here is Denis signing the contract. It is official, we are going through with the purchase.

Some of our friends have been a bit confused about this territory expansion. Just to clarify, we are not moving into That House. We are staying right here. We are buying this land so that we have more room to explore. We will own Grandma's house as well as That House. Phoebe and I don't think that we should have any people live there. People tend to make trouble. Here is a picture of what the layout is.
The yellow house is our house. The green one is Grandma's and the grey one way at the end is That House.

In other news, our new cat litter box is working out quite well. Tracy seems to be doing a better job of keeping it tidy.

We were very saddened to learn today upon our return to our blog that club member Anastasia went missing one week ago and seems to have gone on to the Bridge. Anastasia was a classy girl and very stylish. The Pablo Fan Club will be a bit lonelier without her.

We have had lots of new friends stop by the Pablo Fan Club in the last month. We are way behind in confirming them as official Fan Club members. I will see to it that I do that in the next few days.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Dear Pablo,

This is one of our neighbors. I am showing his picture because I saw him today. He lives next door to us with another dog. The other one has a pushed in nose and he wheezes all the time. This one is very noisy - he likes to bark and bark at me when I go for a stroll in the backyard. I like to lay down and watch him. He's very funny because he gets all worked up and he can't get to me because dogs can't climb fences! Ha ha.

In the front yard we have a wooden fence and another dog lives on the other side. She is a funny little dog. I don't have a picture of her, but she is very small. None of my neighbor dogs are very scary. They are not so big like Jake, Jazz and Sherman.

Pablo, today was the first time that I have gotten to go Outside in over a week! I have been stuck in here and Tracy hasn't even been home very much. She has been leaving in the morning and sometimes not coming home until the night when it is dark outside. It's been kind of boring around here. Well, anyway, she has been home most of today and we celebrated by going Outside. I hope tomorrow will be the same...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Litter Box development

Dear Pablo and fan club members,

I am very excited to show you what I bought the other day. This is a special cat litter try made especially for our new twig-style cat litter Phoebe mentioned in a previous post. See, there are really two trays there. The top one keeps the twigs in it and the bottom one collects the saw dust. This will keep our toilet facilities much nicer. It will also keep the sawdust cleaner. Since it goes into our compost pile that is important. You can read more about it at their website.

I also bought this special scooper that has big holes to let the twigs go through it. We need to keep things as simple as possible for Tracy because she is not so great at keeping our facilities in tip-top shape, if you know what I mean.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Territory

Dear Pablo and fan club members,

I must tell you what happened to me today! Tracy and I went out for a walk, which started out just fine. I nibbled on some grass and was just getting into the business of monitoring the grounds. But then Tracy picked me up and took me to Grandma's house. We went in to visit for a while. I thought that was kind of a dirty trick to make me stay INSIDE when i thought we were going for a walk. From there, things went even downhill. Next, Grandma and Tracy got the bright idea to show me the inside of our new house that we are buying. I was not too keen on that idea to start with. I thought maybe the people that had that big red monster machine might still be in there. The screen door is very NOISY also.

We had only taken one step into the place when I could tell that a cat had been living there. It was a cat with poor hygeine habits! I don't know what that cat was thinking. Didn't they have a proper litter box? I started howling my distaste for the place right away and Tracy got the hint. We went back outside and I wanted to RUN back home, but Tracy is SO SLOW.

I told her that the deal is off, we should not buy that house at all. She says that what we will do is take out the carpet where the cat did its business and things should smell much better after that. Once my head cleared up a bit, I guess that might work. We will have to see...

Tracy felt so bad about my bad experience in that house that she took me Outside this evening at 9:00 PM. It is very different and exciting Outside at night. There were some fluttery bugs that I tried to catch. I had a nibble of some grass. Now I feel much better about the whole situation.