Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where are they now?

Dear Pablo,

Monica, Joey and I are having our spa vacation at Grandma's house. She was able to confirm on the internets that Denis and Tracy have gotten to tomorrow to visit you. I hope that they gave you a good greeting from us and our gifts as well. We haven't been able to check your blog to see how it went.

Now I am wondering what they are doing. It seems like they have been in tomorrow for a long time. Could you please tell them to come back soon?

Monday, September 15, 2008

What's up?

Dear Pablo,

Joey wrote that post quite a while ago about his new "space ship". I hadn't been watching what he was typing as closely as I should have, or he wouldn't have gotten so out of hand. Just to set the record straight, this:
is not a space ship and NASA will not be calling. This is just the latest hair-brained idea of Tracy's to get out of cleaning our bathroom facilities. It is called a "Litter Robot" and you can read about it here. Joey thinks it's great fun, but me - I'll take the good old fashioned box, thank you very much!

Since I broke the news to Joey, he's been moping around, ashamed of his mistake. Silly boy!

Now, as to other news. Pablo, you mentioned twice before something about Tracy and Denis going to visit you. They never told me about it or asked my opinion. So I did some looking around to see if I could confirm this information. Here is what I found:

They have certainly been reading some books about Australia, and you live in Australia. But these are not books about Hobart, they are about Sydney. Now what does that mean? I'm a bit concerned about this whole idea. Since you are in tomorrow, are they going to have to take a time traveling machine to get to see you? Is that quite safe? So I sat them down and asked them straight out if they are going through with this trip against my advice. And they were resolute.

Well, in that case, we have got to plan what we are going to send to you, Pablo. Phoebe called the meeting to order, but Joey didn't understand how to conduct himself in a proper meeting.

We've got a good start here, but it doesn't seem like enough for you, Pablo.
Hmmm.... time to think.... what else do we need to send to Pablo?
You will find out soon! Us? We'll be enjoying a spa vacation at Grandma's house.