Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is my Grandma

Dear Mr. Pablo and everycat,

Do you see this lady? She doesn't usually wear that red and white hat. She usually wears a baseball hat with a feather and lots of cool buttons on it. She comes over here to my house a lot. I learned something new this month. A little after that Christmas, my man and the lady went somewheres and me, Mommyca and Feebee stayed at her house for a week. Her house is just next door to ours. Mommyca says that she is our Grandma and she is very nice. Well, that is true! She likes to play with me and she kept filling up our food dishes every day. Do you have a grandma?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008


"What happened here??!!" she said.
Joey~ "I dunno"
Phoebe~ "Huh?"
Monica~ "Why are you looking at me?"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pablo Watching

While Monica and I were having problems getting Tracy to help us with our blog, Pablo was doing all kinds of interesting things. He is such a good example of how to keep his household in order. He never seems to have trouble getting Kate to comply with his blogging needs. Here he is:
Reading his Christmas card collection. He receives his own correspondence.

Creating artistic shadows. Isn't that clever of him?

Warming himself in the sun. That's a wonderful sunning spot! And such an efficient pose.

Teaching Kate how to stay cool when it is WTHFC weather.

And keeping Nick on his toes.

Pablo, thanks for your great example. Monica and I will try harder to keep our household in tip-top shape!

Goodbye Caesar

Monica and I are very sad because we have lost several friends this year. Caesar is the most recent friend and fan club member to go on to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be missed by his family and all of us at the Pablo Fan Club.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some Christmas Fun

Some of you long time Pablo Fan Club members and readers may remember the terrible strike of April, 2007, when Tracy refused to perform her secretarial duties for the Fan Club blog due to "other priorities". (Please!) Well, we have had a similar situation here since just before Christmas when Joey last wrote. I finally had to take the situation in hand and point out that it is HIGH TIME that we post these pictures from Christmas or they will just be pointless. (Remember that eye contact is one of the most powerful communication tools that we cats have...)

And so I present to you some pictures from the Christmas festivities at our house. They primarily centered around lots of boxes and pretty colored paper. Although Denis and Tracy went out twice with our Grandma to sing Christmas carols and light candles at various churches. I'm glad they did their singing elsewhere, if you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, the first trick that Tracy pulled was trying to get me to wear that ridiculous Santa hat. This was the third attempt, just before she gave up. Then things got more fun.

Joey got just what he wanted for Christmas - another box to "ratify".

Phoebe checked to make sure that no mice were hiding in amongst the papers.

I thought that the paper pile made a fine place to lay down and have a rest.

And Phoebe agreed (of course).

Joey kept saying "What's going on around here?" and we had to explain and explain, but he finally figured out that the waiting was worth it in the end.

And after all that excitement, I thought it best to hide under the tree for a spell. It's sure nice they thought to put a soft blanket under there.

Our tree is long gone now and things are back to normal. I hope that every cat had a wonderful Christmas. We have missed visiting all of your blogs and are looking forward to catching up with all the news.