Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Present!

Dear Pablo and everycat!

Lookit this here present that I got for Christmas this year! It was wrapped up in pretty paper! There were some weird big things in it that Tracy will put on her feets to walk in the snow or something weird like that! But I got this! Denis cutted a hole in it and made it a fort for me! It was a fun place to hide! Do you like it?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christmas report - late again!

Well, I've finally given Tracy the stare down long enough that she's helped me to upload the photos from Christmas so that we can show the festivities to every cat. As you may remember, I had the same problem last year. Something about the new year sends Tracy into a blogging low spot. I don't know what's wrong with her!

Well, enough about that... Here is how our Christmas tree looked with the presents underneath it. Aren't they pretty?
While the festivities started, Phoebe and I lounged around and watched. What a mess they make with all the paper!

Things went on a bit long, so we took the opportunity to rest against each other for a little nap.

But after the present opening kept going on and on, I found a good perch to oversee everything.

Phoebe found a good box for lounging in.

So where was Joey in all this, you ask? That silly boy! He couldn't decide what he wanted to do. Sometimes he hid under the tree. Can you see him back there?

But most of the time, he would investigate in the paper wrappings for a while. Then he would get startled by the excessive noise that the people kept making and run out of the room. Probably hid under the bed. He's just not used to this Christmas stuff yet.

When things quieted down, he explored some more. He was funny peeking out of this piece of paper on the floor.

Well, that was our Christmas. We were all very tired after wards. It seemed like a good time for a nap. Tomorrow, watch for Joey to show you all what he got for Christmas this year.