Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Phoebe - Arctic explorer

Hello, my friends and fellow fan club members! Several of you have expressed concern about our lengthy absence from our blog and wondered if I was okay (since I was sick before). I want to reassure you all that I am doing just fine. I have gained back all my weight and Tracy says that I am nicely padded again. Unfortunately, I'm back to taking my steroid pills each night.

Well, it has been ages since Tracy helped any of us blog. She has been playing too many games on Facebook, but I think Monica might want to tell you about that soon.

Here are some pictures from my snowy adventure that took place about a month ago. I have seen snow out our windows before but I had never been out for a WALK in the snow. It was very exciting.First, I scanned the horizon to make sure there were no polar bears that had followed our snow down from the North Pole or something.

Then I tested my footing on that white stuff. It was a little cold and wet on my paws. I had to shake off the drips every once in a while.

I made sure to leave tracks so I could find my way back to the house...

Once I was sure that the snow was safe to walk on, I made sure to patrol my garden.

I think there was something hiding under this snowy bush, but I couldn't find it.
Tracy - I think it was melting snow drip, drip, dripping into the bush.

We took some video of my adventures in the snow. I'll see if I can convince Tracy to make it into an action movie for me.