Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waiting for Christmas

Well, the presents are under our tree. We had a little bit of snow on the ground this morning. Christmas must be getting very close.

We'll just wait right here for Christmas day to come. Merry Christmas from your friends Monica, Phoebe and Joey!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Temptations test

A very very long time ago, Tracy and Denis went to visit Pablo and I sent some Temptations as a very special present from me to him. Unfortunately, the were confixated by the border patrol because food from America can be very dangerous to Australian security. Well, I wanted to at least show Pablo what the Temptations were like, so that he would know that it would have been a very good present. It turns out that recently, Kate found some real Temptations in a store in Hobart, so he has gotten to try them as well. Did you like them, Pablo? Monica, Joey and I sure did.
This is what they look like. They are not as big as they look in the picture on the bag, but they sure smell good.

We had a very hard time waiting for Tracy to take the pictures before we started eating them. I would have smiled for the camera, but I think you will understand that I was busy getting a sample.
The picture on the bag shows that there is a soft filling inside the crunchy outside, but we ate them so quickly that we couldn't ever confirm that was true. So Tracy did an experiment to be sure that the soft center was really there. It's not as big as it shows on the package, but I don't care really.